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Ukulele Cover: “Tuesdays” By Jake Scott

Ukulele Cover: “Tuesdays” by Jake Scott

Hoping to INSPIRE someone out there to DO SOMETHING today that SCARES YOU!! Singing and playing my ukulele in front of people scares the bajeezus out of me🙃. This song, “Tuesdays” by Jake Scott was the last song my first ever EWP couple,  Meghan + Jesse, danced to on their wedding day. Their love story fills my heart with so much joy and inspires me to love deeper so this one is dedicated to them🤗💕📷.

I am also so incredibly THANKFUL to have photographed yet another genuinely loving couple’s wedding day this past Sunday, Britt + Jon. You all inspire me to love like it’s a Tuesday and not just through the champagne toasts and highs and lows. Now where are all my 2021 brides? ❤️💍 I am SO EXCITED to serve you and photograph the day you marry your best friend🤗🎉 If you haven’t chosen a wedding photographer yet, I’m your girl! Send me a message and let’s start planning!😍📷  I

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Do you have a song that’s nostalgic for you and your honey? Send me a message and you might just see me play it next!


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