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Sierra + Dustin’s | Intimate Fall Wedding

Sierra + Dustin’s | Intimate Fall Wedding

The day could not have been more perfect for Sierra & Dustin’s wedding at Raven’s Lodge in Hunstville State Park. The weather was absolulety perfect and I LOVED how they had their ceremony in the early afternoon then reception to follow which meant that we got to have golden hour all to ourselves for their Bride & Groom portraits – it was magical! Their words before we started the session were literally, “we trust you Emily, tell us where to go” – my little intuitive artistic heart was so happy because it truly gave me free rein to capture their love in the most authentic and genuine way!!😍💕📷

I knew these two were the perfect pair last year when we took their Engagement photos at Discovery Green. I hardly had to guide them when taking photos because they were just being completely natural behind the camera which is such a good thing! I will totally admit that for the first 20 minutes of sessions feel weird because you’re not used to having your photos taken but I promise the more you’re just yourself the more candid photos we can get🤗💕📷.

My favorite part of the Sierra & Dustin’s day was when they played Rock, Paper, Scissors for who got to say their vows first. The officiant asked and they automatically started going best two out of three and it just made my heart melt because that’s what I do with my best friend too!😂 Literally anything and everything that can be decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors, it’s a go.

Another favorite part of their 10-10-2020 wedding day was getting to hear both of their Dad’s make a welcome speech at the beginning of the reception. It was so heartwarming getting to hear both sides of the family just gush over how much they loved Sierra & Dustin. And don’t get me started on the water works when Sierra facetimed one of her best friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding – it was the sweetest moment!❤️ When you see down below a pic of her holding up her cell it’s so that you can actually see her friend on facetime in the pic so it’s like she was really there🤗.

Sierra & Dustin, thank you so much for inviting me to be your wedding photographer! There was no place I rather be on that beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon than with you two capturing your love story. I hope you have fun on your beach trip honeymoon and can’t wait to show you the rest of the pics!❤️📷



I loved all the little details that helped tell their love story🤗💕

Just a few more hours and they’ll be saying “I do” right here!😁

I spy with my little eye an engagement photo!🤗💍🥂 click HERE to view their session from last year

The final touches before walking down the isle💄💋

Gorgeous!! Sierra was absolutely flawless❤️

Sierra and her mom were so sweet together! This pin belonged to her grandmother and I loved that it was her “something old” to wear. To all my 2021 and future bride/grooms, this is your reminder to tell me about these little details in the day that help tell your love story🤗

Julia with Set in Stone Events not only coordinated this wedding beautifully but was also sister of the groom. And look how handsome Dustin looks!🤵🏻

If you’re not sure about having a First Look before the ceremony a First Touch is always an option! Before we even get started I coordinate exactly where you two will be standing and how to coordinate the timing of bringing you two out so you don’t see each other. By far one of my favorite moments from the day🤗❤️.

One last hug from her soon to be sister-in-law before Sierra walks down the aisle!

Dustin’s face is priceless!❤️

Don’t get me wrong, I love big weddings – but truly my heart sings for small weddings🎉😍. I love intimate ceremonies where it’s just your closest friends and family with you to celebrate.

I don’t think they could have picked a cuter way to choose who reads their vows first than with a classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! 😂 Dustin ended up winning so Sierra had to read hers first.

One of my all time favorites is a giant group pic with everybody who was able to attend🎉📷

Can’t wait to photography these cutie’s wedding in December!🤗💕📷

Introducing for the first time on The Blog, Mr. & Mrs. Stone!😁❤️💍

Their Grandpaw said a prayer over the food before we ate, it was so sweet! Then Sierra and Dustin’s dad’s made a little speech to welcome everyone and it made my heart so happy to hear how much these two families love each other and how truly happy they are that they are now officially apart of each other’s family❤️

10/10 recommend marrying your best friend💕 look at those smiles!😁

B+W photos are always a classic favorite of mine😍😍😍

Seriously love these two, they are the sweetest and so much fun to be around!😍

VOUGE just signed their next two models😍

This was the facetime call from one of Sierra’s best friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding. I had her turn the phone around and took a quick pic so technically she was at the wedding🥳

This group of cousins were so much fun to hang out with, they made me feel like a part of the fam🤗


Congratulations again to Dustin & Sierra, I’m so happy for you two and hope you have fun on your beach trip honeymoon! ❤️


Venue | Raven’s Lodge

Wedding Coordinator | Set in Stone Events

Florals | Boldly Floral

Catering | El Bosque Mexican Grill

Cake | Karge Cakes

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