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Sara’s Beauty Session

Sara’s Beauty Session

When Sara contacted me to photograph just a solo photo session by herself at The Woodland’s Waterway I was so excited! This was EXACTLY what I had been wanting to add to my photography services – BEAUTY SESSIONS to celebrate YOU!

Throughout our session Sara and I talked about how we’re often times our own worst critics when we look into the mirror. We talked about how it’s been engraved in our minds since little girls that too many curves, stretch marks, and cellulite are ugly things that the world doesn’t want to see. This however is a lie that media marketing has been brainwashing us with and I am SO EXCITED that today we’re celebrating the LOVE and GRATITUDE we have for our bodies.

I walked away from our session completely on FIRE and encouraged to keep EMPOWERING women to LOVE their bodies no matter what they’ve been through and look like….every roll, line, stretch-mark, and dimple 🙂 each are beautifully a part of who you are and uniquely tell your story. I am incredibly thankful that Sara trusted me to take her photos during this chapter in her life and cannot wait to keep spreading BODY POSITIVITY to women around the world <3

FIERCE! If you’re familiar with Yoga you know that the pose Chatarunga can be one of the most difficult ones to master and Sara makes it look easy!

I had so much fun empowering Sara during her Beauty session! If you’re wanting to celebrate a new chapter in your life or are simply wanting to document your beautiful life, let’s be friends 😀 Find me on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube and send me a message!




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