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Kayla + Daniel | Wedding

Kayla + Daniel | Wedding

Today could not have been a more perfect day! Not only is it Pi Day (math nerds, you know what I’m talking about…March 14th = 3.14 = the rounded version of Pi) but it’s also the day that Kayla and Daniel start their lives together as a family! Starting with the weather, we could not have asked for a more beautiful spring day. Kayla and I kept in contact the year leading up to the wedding so I got to witness the hard work it takes to plan a wedding.  To see all of her incredible and detailed plans brought to real life kept me smiling from ear to ear ALL DAY!

The legacy of these two’s marriage began on March 14, 2020 on their family’s property in Magnolia, TX. I am honored that Kayla and Daniel chose me as their wedding photographer, there are two stories below in particular that I can’t wait to share with you! These stories are about a belt buckle and broken cement block. They both visually represent defining characteristics in Kayla and Daniel’s and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to be the one that shares them with you today.

The story of the belt buckle is one that needs to be SHOUTED from the rooftop! Preface, my apologies if I didn’t use the correct Rodeo terminology – Years ago, Daniel volunteered to foster a show heifer (cow) because it’s owner had fallen into a coma after being in a terrible car accident. If there’s one common knowledge thing about raising livestock is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. He raised it as if it were his own and months later after the girl came out of the coma it was time to show the cattle. Because of Daniel’s selfless service the heifer was in such healthy condition that when the girl came out of the coma she was able to show it and won prizes! They awarded Daniel this belt buckle as a testament to Daniel’s character and I am so happy that he shared this story with me as I was picking up his details. Side note: This is why I always tell my couples to gather any items that hold a special play in your heart in a bag or box so that on the morning of your wedding those are the first things I take photos of. These items may get worn or lost throughout the years but rest easy knowing that they will live-forever in these you’ll be able to pass those down to future children and grandchildren!

If you’ve spent time with Daniel’s Dad, you’ll know where Daniels gets his hospitality. The entire wedding day his Dad was making sure everything was good to go and that people had what they needed. He made me feel like a part of the family and as a wedding photographer there’s no greater experience. This past year Daniel and his Dad spend time redeveloping their property (click HERE to see last year’s engagement photos) in preparation for the wedding and it was magical watching the transformation! A true testament of Father/Son love. Side Note: what made their Engagement Session so unique and special was that they trusted all of my advice I gave them in my Engagement Style Guide! Click HERE to view how you can have the perfect Engagement Session if you’re newly engaged 😀

The story of the broken cement block is also one that needs to be SHOUTED LOUD because Kayla broke a BRICK with her ARM!!! WHAT!? #girlpower! No shame, I cried while Brad, Kayla’s Dad, was giving his Father of the Bride speech because it was so sweet! He talked about Kayla’s drive, dedication, and how this brick was a visual representation of that. Kayla and I have been in the same math classes growing since middle school and I remember when she started coaching after school that I really admired her! A full work schedule on top of a full school load was no joke and she made it look easy.

I hope you’re able to feel the love these two have for each and with their friends and family because this was by far one of the most fun weddings I’ve been to! Mazel tov, Kayla and Daniel! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness and that you’re able to revisit these photos when wanting to share the story of your wedding day. Love you both!



I loved that Kayla’s Matron of Honor, Hayley, stitched a handkerchief from Kayla’s Grandmother into her dress! She is so talented, I love this unique twist on Wedding Day Details 🙂 Spoiler alert, their Guest Sign-In Book is just as cute!

First Look with Kayla’s Dad – so sweet!

I love photographing First Looks between Bride + Grooms because it gives us a chance to truly capture the look on both of your faces! Couples also say they love First Looks because it breaks up the day and they’re able to enjoy the experience twice of seeing each other for the first time at their First Look, then the experience of walking down the isle and seeing all of your family and friends. 10/10 recommend!

Have a big family or group of friends and want photos with everyone? No problem! As long as we plan together ahead of time everyone’s exact names, relationship, and grouping we can get all of these photos in less than 15 minutes! 🙂

I’m so thankful that Kayla + Daniel took the time to fill in their Wedding Day Questionnaire! I send this out a few months out before the wedding so that if there’s anything specific you for sure want me to get photos of, I know about it. I LOVED her set up for the reception, it was so much fun, unique, and totally them! #Schererthelove

So excited that I got to see a former ELP Bride+Groom, Meghan and Jesse! They recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and I couldn’t be more excited for them!

Mazel tov!

P.S. if Copperhead Road is on your Wedding Day Playlist you can bet I’ll be joining in!

It was so good getting to see this group of friends from high school again!

Happy Wedding Day, Kayla + Daniel! 😀 I feel honored that you chose me to capture one of the most important and happiest days of your lives. You both were a joy to photograph this special season of you life and I wish you both many years of happiness and love in your marriage!! 😀 Love yall!

Special shoutout to my second shooter for this wedding day, Violet! It’s so helpful having a second eye and second camera to capture a wedding day!

Dress Designer | Martina Liana

Place of Wedding Dress Purchase | Say Yes To Your Dress Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses | Kleinfelds

Groomsmen Suits | Men’s Warehouse

Florist | Bloomers Florist

DJ| Daulong’s Mobile Music

Cake + Desserts | Creative Confections

Daniel’s Cowboy Hat + Kayla’s boots | M.L. Leddy’s

Catering | Locatelli’s

Invitations | Minted

Second Shooter | Violet Martinez Photography

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