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Jesse’s Puppy Photo Session

Jesse’s Puppy Photo Session

When Claire reached out to me asking if I could take photos of her and her dog, Jessie, I was totally on board! As a dog mom I totally understand wanting a good photo with your pup. Then, when she told me that she needed the photos asap because her pup Jessie was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in her jaw and about to have surgery this week to remove it I moved her to my high priority list!

In our house dogs are treated like a member of the family. They sleep with us at night, road trip with us on the weekend, and are always down for a snuggle or walk in the park. Their tails are constantly wagging and knocking over ups from the coffee table. Their wet and slobbery kisses may not smell the best but always have the greatest intentions.

Jessie is having surgery in less than 48 hours and while she might not look the same afterwards she will always be that puppy you picked up, held in your arms, and brought on as a member of the family. Wishing her a speedy recovery through surgery and sending all the belly rubs and behind the ear scratch’s her way!

I had so much fun chatting this morning and by the look on Jessie’s face she loved the bribery treats!

Maggie, her adorable bundle of blonde curly hair, made her debut in a few too!

If you’re wanting to celebrate the furry family members in your life, let’s be friends 😀 Find me on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube and send me a message!

Your friendly neighborhood photographer,


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