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Julie’s Maternity Photo Session

Julie’s Maternity Photo Session

This Sunday morning I had the privilege of taking maternity photos for the sweetest momma in town. Julie + Steven are an EWP couple and expecting their first son next week! These two have been so much fun to work with as we have been planning their wedding during a pandemic and welcoming a sweet little boy. I could not be happier for Julie as she journeys through motherhood, she has such a positive glow!

When I asked Julie if she was nervous about childbirth she said with the biggest smile on her face, “‘I’m not worried about the pain because I know on the other side of that pain I getting to meet my little boy.”

We bonded over our weirdness when we said that we would prefer to have a natural birth because we want to experience what that pain is like. I know that this sounds crazy to some people but we both have the same idea that women have been birthing children long before pain meds and both see that childbirth is an experience unlike any other even if it’s super painful. Of course though, no judgey pants here to the women who would choose an alternate birthing plan. To each is their own 🙂

On the last set of photos I asked Julie to close her eyes and picture in a week’s time she’s going to be holding her little baby. I then asked her to try and imagine how painful the childbirth experience is going to be, but then to immediately picture herself holding the baby and the feeling of relief it’s going to be after he’s born. Next, I asked her to picture her son standing next to her at the age of 18 and giving him the best advice she could possibly give him. Her advice would be that, “Pain is temporary. It’s inevitable in life that you’ll feel it but it’s only temporary.” I love that so much!!!

Julie + Steven, I am so excited to follow you through this journey of parenthood and I can’t wait for December when we get to celebrate your marriage!🤗💕



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