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Ep1 Wednesdays With Wisch: Buzzcut + Print Shop

ep1 Wednesdays with Wisch: buzzcut + Print Shop

Hi friends and welcome to the 1st episode of Wednesdays with Wisch! On today’s episode I’m going to be talking about 3 things:   1️⃣ explaining what is Wednesdays With Wisch🤓.   2️⃣ sharing information about why I shaved my head and why I’ve partnered with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fundraise for Childhood Cancer Research 💇🏻‍♀️.    3️⃣ my online photography Print Shop is now live and for every order placed in September I’ll be donating $1 to St. Baldrick’s Foundation  💕📷

Please CLICK BELOW to view “ep1 Wednesdays with Wisch: buzzcut + Print Shop” and subscribe to my channel if you find my content inspiring🤗. I’ll see you in my next video!

As I fundraise for St. Baldrick’s Foundation I’ll be documenting my journey through this buzzcut process predominantly via Blog Posts on my website and videos/photos on YouTube and Instagram.

To donate to Childhood Cancer Research please click HERE

See you my next post! ❤️ Emily

wednesdays with wisch


  • Donating My Hair Part 3: emotions right before my buzzcut
  • Donating My Hair Part 4: buzzing off all my hair!
  • Donating My Hair Part 5: one month after my buzzcut
  • Donating My Hair Part 6: the requirements for donating your hair
  • Donating My Hair Part 7: update on St. Baldrick’s $4,000 Fundraising goal
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