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Donating My Hair Part 2: Why I Donate My Hair

Donating My Hair Part 2: why I donate my hair

My journey of routinely growing/donating my hair started 11 years ago back in 2009 when I was only 17 years old. My MawMaw was diagnosed with cancer the end of my junior year of high school and when I found out I decided that I wanted to grow my hair so that I could donate it to make wigs for women who had lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

During the fall semester of my senior year in high school it was long enough to cut 12″ and I chose to donate it to Pantene Pro-V’s Beautiful Lengths Program. This was non-profit organization that created real hair wigs for women diagnosed with cancer but since 2018 has stopped accepting donations. As soon as I cut/donated my hair at 17 yro I knew that one day I wanted to do the ultimate donation and buzz ALL of it off to donate. I chose Wigs For Kids this time around because their most requested donation length is 15″ plus so this was the perfect opportunity to cut all 21″ off! I didn’t think it would take me 11 years to gain the confidence to rock a buzz cut but here we are and I am LOVING IT!! 😁❤️💇🏻‍♀️

2009 | 17 yro | 12"

In the fall of 2014 I donated 16″ of hair when I was 22 years old and finishing my laster semester on campus at Texas A&M University – Whoop! At this time I was also a coordinator for an organization called Camp Kesem and was in the process of raising $1,000 in order to send kids to camp. Camp Kesem is a nationwide non-profit organization ran by college students that fundraises and hosts summer camps for kids the age of 5-18 whose parents have either been diagnosed with cancer, in remission of treatment, or passed away from cancer. Camp Kesem is one of the most magical places for kids to be themselves and make supportive friends with kids who are going through the same heartbreaking situation at home. For more information about Camp Kesem click HERE and to donate to the A&M chapter click HERE.

side note: my hair isn’t colored, these are just filters from IG in 2014😂 in an upcoming Blog Post I’ll be sharing what the requirements are for donating because one of them is that you can’t color your hair.

2014 | 22 yro | 16"

In the spring of 2016 I donated 9″ of hair when I was 24 years old and finishing my first year of teaching 7th grade math and 8th grade science teacher – oh how times have changed in my career! My friend and local Houston Business Owner, Jacky Madrid, did the honors of cutting my hair this time around and I’m so excited that her salon is still thriving to this day! Click HERE to support her local small business and book an appointment – her work is beautiful!

2016 | 24 yro | 19"

And last but not least, the picture you’ve all been waiting for! There are still a handful of Blog Posts in this series I’ll be sharing so stay tuned! This time around at the age of 28 I donated 21″ of my hair to Wigs For Kids (check out this organizations story HERE) and fundraising with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money and help conquer kids’ cancers! Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer worldwide, and 1 in 5 of those in the U.S. will not survive. Because of this I’ve decided to fundraise for lifesaving research to find cures and better treatments for kids by #BravingTheShave and shaving my head! My goal is $4,000 because this is the 4th time I’m donating my hair. 😀 Please consider donating HERE to St. Baldrick’s Foundation – even if it’s just $1, anything helps – THANK YOU!

By the way – September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month so let’s get to $4,000! ❤️😁  my St. Baldrick’s Foundation donation link will still be live until December 31, 2020 and all proceeds will be used for childhood cancer research.

2020 | 28 yro | 21"
2020 | 28 yro | 21"
2020 | 28 yro | 21"

It took me 11 YEARS to overcome the fear of finally shaving my head (I knew when I was 17 and cut it the first time that I would eventually want to buzz it all off to experience it #buckelist). Friendly word of advice…..don’t ever wait 11 years to do something you want to do just because you’re SCARED!!! To help INSPIRE people to CONQUER their FEARS and DO HARD THINGS I’ll be documenting my journey through this buzzcut process via Blog Posts on my website and videos/photos on YouTube and Instagram. To follow me on this journey find me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok,

See you my next post! ❤️ Emily


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side note: if you’re not following Bree Brauchle on Instagram and TikTok you need to! She is an incredible photographer and friend who helped me document this entire weekend. She’s also an incredible writer and uses her words to encourage people so if you enjoy the content I create you’re going to love her as well!!

donate hair 2020 | 28 yro | 21"
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