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Donating My Hair Part 1: 4th Time Bucket List

Donating My Hair Part 1: 4th time bucket list

If you’ve been following me these last few months you know that I’ve been talking about cutting/donating my hair for the 4th time to make wigs for cancer patients. Short…like super short….like hand me those clippers because not only will I be donating my hair but I’ll also be crossing off a bucket list item “get a buzzcut”.

“Just how soon though?” is the question I’ve been asked a lot recently. A great question that caused me to dig a little deeper…

Tonight I’m going to be super vulnerable and admit that I’ve been putting it off because I’m still SO SCARED to cut off the security blanket that is my hair. I’ve been able to hide behind my hair for the past 3 years since it’s grown back out and it’s always helped me feel “prettier” when I’m just not feelin’ pretty, ya know? Even though I preach, “love yourself no matter what!” it’s difficult sometimes to take my own advice when the first thing people always comment on is my appearance and say “omg I love your hair!”

It also doesn’t help that when I announced I was going to donate ALL my hair this time I received unsolicited negative comments that “you’re going to look like a lesbian, no guy is going to find you attractive……people will think you’re pulling a 2007 Brittany and having a mental breakdown…….you’re going to lose photography business because people will think you only photograph gay couples.”
Fear of judgement is something I’ve always struggled with so you can imagine how great those comments have been for my self-esteem 🙃💕.

Also, thanks to the conveyor belt that is our health system I was prescribed hormonal birth control when I turned 18 so for 6 years my body was NOT producing a key hormone needed to keep my hair follicles strong. I stopped taking it 3 years ago and since then have noticed my hair falling out and becoming waaaaayyy thinner so I’m terrified when I cut it off you’ll see these awesome thinning spots I’ve acquired🙃. Hindsight ladies: research Daysy, the non-hormonal/non-invasive birth control, you’ll thank me later!

Long story short – I’m still going to cut and donate all my hair, I just want to make sure I’m in the right mindset before I do it. So THANK YOU if you’ve been supportive through this transformational journey, your love means more to me than you know🤗💕. And thank you @breebrauchle for reminding me tonight to not give a f*** about what other people think🤓

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Your friendly neighborhood photographer,


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